This is to announce gimp-print 3.1.3.  This is still a development
release.  The following are the release notes for this version:

1) Completely revamped dithering algorithms.  These algorithms should
   be faster and easier to maintain in addition to better,
   particularly on more advanced printers.  There are additional
   choices for dithering algorithms: an ordered dither, and two kinds
   of Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion.  There are also adaptive error
   diffusion algorithms, in which ordered dithering is used in certain

2) The user interface has been heavily revamped.  There are currently
   two options, one based on the Gimp native toolkit and one based on
   GTK.  Depending upon user feedback, one will be withdrawn at some

4) Support for additional Hewlett-Packard printers and media.

3) Bug fixes for Epson printers, the GhostScript driver, and many
   other things.

Since his name won't appear in the change logs, special thanks to
Thomas Tonino for much productive discussion about dithering

The download location is

The site home page is

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