Michael Lee wrote:

> The current gimp_rotate procedure does not allow for rotation around an
> arbitrary point even though its code is quite capable of it.  It just selects
> the center of the image and uses that as the rotation origin.  I added a
> gimp_rotate_around_point procedure and use it in all the scripts I'm
> writing.

Currently, the PDB provides either basic rotate, scale, or shear, or
a full-blown perspective. Instead of just augmenting rotation, why not
provide a 2D transform, with rotate, scale, and shift in a single op?

Although it's a little redundant, I've found the following parameters
useful to describe 2d transforms:

  centre of transform
  x and y scale
  rotation angle
  destination point for centre

plus interpolation on/off.

(Do the PDB versions expand the drawable to fit? Do we need another
flag for this?)

This is not really a new feature (freeze-wise), but would be very
useful. I can probably do it if no one else has the time, and if
the powers-that-be don't object.

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