Tim Mooney wrote:
    > Kevin  Turner wrote:

> >> p.s. bugs.gnome.org isn't operative.
> I noticed that too.  If I try a "fetch" using the web form I get a "no such
> file or directory" looking for the CGI, and the 3 bug reports I've submitted
> via email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] since 1.1.20 came out have not resulted in
> any email notification yet.  I'm suspicious they ended up in the bit bucket.

Since about 22.04.2000, http://bugs.gnome.org/ has been linked to a page that
simply reports:

"Disk died on bugs.gnome.org. Please hold on until we repair it"

and any HTTP references below that URL return 404's.

I'm hanging onto my reports for now. I suppose if worse comes to worse
they can be posted to the mailing list (much as I hate cluttering the
mailing list with bug reports).

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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