On 24 April, 2000 - Michael Natterer sent me these 2.2K bytes:

> I propose the following solution:
> 1. default to install_cmap == FALSE in gimprc
> 2. remove color_cube from gimprc
> 3. add a min_colors parameter to gimprc
> 4. in the gimp app, install a private colormap if GdkRGB cannot allocate
>    at least min_colors colors _or_ if install_cmap is TRUE.

Due to a bug in GdkRGB (fixed in cvs, not in any release) you have to
truncate the min_colors to max 6*6*6 or else GdkRGB will break.. And you
don't have to do the allocation check yourself, GdkRGB tries with a new
colormap if it can't meet the min_colors req.

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