Tomas Ogren wrote:
> On 24 April, 2000 - Michael Natterer sent me these 2.2K bytes:
> > I propose the following solution:
> >
> > 1. default to install_cmap == FALSE in gimprc
> > 2. remove color_cube from gimprc
> > 3. add a min_colors parameter to gimprc
> > 4. in the gimp app, install a private colormap if GdkRGB cannot allocate
> >    at least min_colors colors _or_ if install_cmap is TRUE.
> Due to a bug in GdkRGB (fixed in cvs, not in any release) you have to
> truncate the min_colors to max 6*6*6 or else GdkRGB will break.. And you
> don't have to do the allocation check yourself, GdkRGB tries with a new
> colormap if it can't meet the min_colors req.

So the best thing is probably to remove install_cmap from gimprc and
have only a min_colors options.

But don't we have to tell plugins if the Gimp app installed a colormap?
Or can we leave this decision to the plugin's GdkRGB instance?

For the GdkRGB bug which is fixed in CVS, Gimp 1.2 should probably
require (the not yet released) Gtk 1.2.8. Currently Gimp requires
1.2.6 but it should already require 1.2.7 because of a fixed dnd
bug in Gtk.


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