Doug Alcorn wrote:

> <snipped...>
> It looks like the header file only defines two arguments in the
> prototype, but the actual function has three.  How is it possible that
> the gimp compiles for other people and not for me?
> --

My commands.h file defines edit_fill_cmd_callback(...) et alia with
three parameters. It's CVS version is 1.26, dated  Mar 24 2000 09:54
checked in by Sven.

1)  You've (somehow) obtained an out-of-date header ?
2)  A (somehow) out-of-date header was in your distribution (Came from where?)
3) You have multiple commands.h in different directories, and a earlier version
is being found first (There are include guards bracketing the header contents, so
the first one found rules, and subsequent ones silently ignored).

If you can, run the compiler preprocessor only and dump the output to file
(on SGI MIPS compilers this is -E -- check your compiler documentation)
This may give a flag where the compiler is finding the header.

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