Irfan Skiljan writes:
 > My name is Irfan, I am the maker of IrfanView, maybe you know it ;-)

Yup, I have read recommendations for it, sorry to say I haven't tried
it myself yet.

 > I got now several emails from users with the wish to add XCF reading 
 > support in my viewer.

I don't know if that is a good idea. XCF is really the GIMP's own
private format for saving images between editing sessions, it is not
intended for interoperability with other applications. Or what do you
folks on gimp-developer think?

 > My question: do you know for some documentation/sources about XCF format?
 > I know your Win-Gimp port, I have the sources, but there are too many 
 > sources and too many cross-includes ;-)

The only documentation for XCF is the source code in xcf.c. There is a
docs/xcf.doc file, but I don't know how up-to-date that is.

 > I need a simple (independent) ReadXCF routine, I must create a
 > DIB-Bitmap ...

It won't be very simple, as XCF is a quite complex format (it is more
or less a serialisation of the GIMP's runtime image structure), with
multiple layers, channels, tiles, selections, paths, guideline
positions, "tattoos" and "parasites", and whatnot. (Does IrfanView
read PSD files, and implement all the layer stuff?)


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