> But I also noticed that something else has changed in the Perl-Fu
> scripts: in the previous versions that I tried (under Solaris), these
> scripts were always registered at the bottom of the menus, instead of
> being mixed with the C plug-ins.  Now it seems to be the contrary: the
> Perl-Fu scripts are listed first in each menu, followed by the usual C
> plug-ins.  This is very distracting.
> Would it be possible to avoid this?  I would prefer to have the
> Perl-Fu scripts separated from the C plug-ins.  Either by adding a
> separator in the menus, by adding a little mark next to their names,
> or by creating a separate Perl-Fu menu similar to the Script-Fu menu.

While we are on it, could someone please check that all Perl scripts
register menu names with trailing dots if, and only if, they open a

Salut, Sven

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