Many, many thanks for orchestrating this. One of these
tips have bothered me for some time

Raphael Quinet wrote:

> The layer named "Background" is special.  You can't add
> transparency or a layer mask to it.  To add transparency, you
> must first "add alpha" to the layer by right-clicking in the
> layers dialog and selecting "Add Alpha Channel".

This jars the ear with a non sequitur, for you tell me I cannot
add transparency and then proceed to tell me how to do it. I
recall being dumbfounded the first time I read it. Months later,
having shed some naivity about transparency, I find it still reads
oddly (in English, at least).

I propose a less contradictory lead-in phrasing.

The "Background" layer lacks transparency.  This is  why it does
not accept layer masks and remains "anchored"  at the bottom of
the layer stack, a backdrop for transparent layers. But you may add
transparency to the Background by right-clicking  in the layers
dialog and selecting Add Alpha Channel."

My two American cents.

Be good, be well


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