Posting a new version of the gimp_tips file caused some quick replies
with new tips.  Thanks to Austin Donnelly, Andy Thomas and Garry
Osgood who sent some proposals.  Here is a short unidiff (diff -U 0)
of the file, compared to the version posted yesterday.  If there are
no more comments on it until Monday, then I will submit a patch so
that the translators can start working on it.


--- /home/quinet/gimp_tips.txt~ Thu May  4 18:22:59 2000
+++ /home/quinet/gimp_tips.txt  Fri May  5 13:06:13 2000
@@ -50,4 +50,4 @@
-The layer named "Background" is special.  You can't add 
-transparency or a layer mask to it.  To add transparency, you 
-must first "add alpha" to the layer by right-clicking in the 
-layers dialog and selecting "Add Alpha Channel".
+The layer named "Background" it special because it lacks transparency.
+This prevents you from adding a layer mask or moving the layer up in
+the stack.  You may add transparency to it by right-clicking in the
+"Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog and selecting "Add Alpha Channel".
@@ -68 +68 @@
-a color from the toolbox or from a color selector and dropping it into
+a color from the toolbox or from a color palette and dropping it into
@@ -116,0 +117,4 @@
+If you stroke a path (Edit->Stroke), the current drawing tool and its
+settings are used.  You can use the Paintbrush in gradient mode, the
+Clone tool with a pattern or even the Eraser or the Smudge tool.
@@ -129,0 +134,3 @@
+If your screen is too cluttered, you can press Tab multiple times
+in an image window to hide or show the toolbox and other dialogs.
@@ -155 +162 @@
-Download and install them.  Some font servers also allow you to use
+Download and install them.  Some font servers allow you to use
@@ -166,0 +174,5 @@
+If some of your scanned photos do not look colorful enough, you can
+easily improve their tonal range with the "Auto" button in the Levels
+tool (Image->Colors->Levels).  If there are any color casts, you can
+correct them with the Curves tool (Image->Colors->Curves).

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