I am trying to understand what the cdisplay modules can or can not
do for a color management system. In my opinion the configuration 
of these modules should be stored in a user's gimprc file and not
as parasites in an image: If I move an image from one machine to 
another the cdisplay settings are moved along with the image, the
second machine will most likely have different display properties,
so these settings will not make a lot of sense on the new machine.

On the other hand if I'm using Gimp on one display only then it makes
perfect sense to have the same gamma setting every time I load an
image into Gimp. For me this means that we should store the settings
locally and not in the image.

Regardless of where the configuration is stored, it should not be stored
as a "write only setting"  :-) This might be a pilot error so correct
me if I'm wrong: When I store an image with a gamma setting applied via
the cdisplay_gamma module I expect this same gamma setting to be restored
when I load the image back into Gimp. This does not happen. It seems like
the system "forgets" about the fact that I had any display modules selected,
and also ignores the setting of the gamma value once I re-select the 
gamma module.

What is the correct behavior for the display modules, and where should
the configuration information be stored?

Karl Heinz

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