Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > You can save a selection to a channel (Select->Save to Channel) and
> > then modify this channel with any paint tools.  Use the "Channels" tab
> > in the "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog to toggle the visibility of
> > this new channel and to perform various operations on it.
> Huh? This is misleading. The Channels tab does not toggle the channels
> visibility. That sentence needs to be rewritten.

This Tip should be changed to a pointer to the Quick-Mask option. This
is the easier way to do the same thing. Maybe something like

You can use the paint tools to change the selection. Click on the
quickmask button at the bottom left of an image window. Change your
selection by painting in the image and click on the button again
to convert it to a normal selection again.


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