Raphael wrote:

> But I also noticed that something else has changed in the Perl-Fu
> scripts: in the previous versions that I tried (under Solaris), these
> scripts were always registered at the bottom of the menus, instead of
> being mixed with the C plug-ins.  Now it seems to be the contrary: the
> Perl-Fu scripts are listed first in each menu, followed by the usual C
> plug-ins.  This is very distracting.
> Would it be possible to avoid this?  I would prefer to have the
> Perl-Fu scripts separated from the C plug-ins.  Either by adding a
> separator in the menus, by adding a little mark next to their names,
> or by creating a separate Perl-Fu menu similar to the Script-Fu menu.

I'm not sure that seperating the Perl scripts from the C plug-ins makes
sense, but the menu order is definitely distracting. I have just done  
a complete new installation and did note the following: 

- perl scripts are always at top and appear in random order (well, most 
  probably it's not random, but I can not figure out if there is some 
  sort of order, it's definitely not alphabetic).

- C plug-ins are sorted more or less alphabetic. This is however not 
  because we sort them that way, but only because for most plug-ins the 
  menu entries match the binary names quite good. This leads to some 
  strange effects however. In Filters->Distorts for example "Video" 
  appears before "Value Propagate" only because "video" is before 
  "vpropagate" on disk. I guess that with another filesystem we might 
  get totally different results.

A possible solution would be to sort the plugin menus alphabetically. 
I'm not really looking forward to touch menus.c again, but there is 
already some code in there that reorders menu entries (moving submenus 
to the top for example), so it should be possible to hook that in there 
So far, so good. But what do we want to do about translated menu 
entries? Sort them according to their original name (easy) or according 
to the translated one? I fear that the latter will be difficult and it 
would lead to different menu orders depending on what language you 
started gimp with. 

I'm undecided. What do you think ?

Salut, Sven

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