--- Karl Heinz Kremer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am trying to understand what the cdisplay modules
> can or can not
> do for a color management system. In my opinion the
> configuration 
> of these modules should be stored in a user's gimprc
> file and not
> as parasites in an image: If I move an image from

there is a place for both. the gamma correction (the 
correction curve from which the actual gamma is 1) 
should be local. the target gamma (gamma in which 
the image is to be viewed) could be a parasite. this
kind of thing may be easier to just set for the gimp
globally (or maybe such a global setting could be the

> the cdisplay_gamma module I expect this same gamma
> setting to be restored
> when I load the image back into Gimp. This does not
> happen. It seems like
> the system "forgets" about the fact that I had any
> display modules selected,
> and also ignores the setting of the gamma value once
> I re-select the 
> gamma module.

what is this gamma module you speak of? i just started

writing a color system for XFree86 to take advantage
of the hardware gamma correction available in some
cards and because linux badly needs some kind of color
management / calibration systems besides the gamma.tif
from bmrt.org. is it already done? i know imlib has 
this, but its not in hardware which is bad for really 
sensitive appliaction (like print and film)

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