On Fri, 5 May 2000, Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[about the Channels tip]
> This Tip should be changed to a pointer to the Quick-Mask option. This
> is the easier way to do the same thing.

I disagree.  Saving a selection to a channel mask allows you to do
more things: you can save several selections, to edit them separately,
and to activate any of them when needed.  This is very useful when you
want to isolate several parts of an image and work on them separately.

The Quick Mask feature is useful for modifying a selection easily, but
the channels masks offer more options.  So I think that it is useful
to add a tip about the Quick Mask because I forgot this in the list of
tips, but I would also keep the one about the Channels.

> Maybe something like
> You can use the paint tools to change the selection. Click on the
> quickmask button at the bottom left of an image window. Change your
> selection by painting in the image and click on the button again
> to convert it to a normal selection again.

That sounds OK, although I would like to make it a bit shorter.  I
will add it anyway, until someone suggests a better wording.  Thanks!


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