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> NB None of this affects loading images, and you should NOT be
> creating more TIFFs, so hopefully right thinking people are quite
> unaffected apart from this build problem.

Eek. TIFF is very much alive in the print media world..! Just declaring it
sucky is not going to help a lot :| 

I also heard TIFF is the only format you can supply with a "clipping path"
from photoshop that a DTP package supports. So you can define the image
outline from the paint program with a path, then say "This is the clipping
path for this image" and save it as TIFF. This would be neat for sodipodi,
sketch and whatnot.. any clue if we could do something similar or does
anyone know if something like this exists for other formats too? It would be
useful since the path will always be more accurate than some clipping object
you define in the vector program..



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