Thus spoke Tuomas Kuosmanen
> On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 03:06:26AM +0100, Nick Lamb wanted to say the following:
> > NB None of this affects loading images, and you should NOT be
> > creating more TIFFs, so hopefully right thinking people are quite
> > unaffected apart from this build problem.
> Eek. TIFF is very much alive in the print media world..! Just declaring it
> sucky is not going to help a lot :| 

Yes, this was the response I was going to give.  Although Nick provides
some very good technical reasons why we might not to want to work with
TIFF, it happens to be the only format (provided it's not compressed) that
seems to work for all the publishers I deal with.  So, I'm pretty much
stuck with using TIFF for now.

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