>  Eek. TIFF is very much alive in the print media world..! Just declaring it
>  sucky is not going to help a lot :| 

You don't have to declare it sucky.  It is sucky by itself :-)

>  I also heard TIFF is the only format you can supply with a "clipping path"
>  from photoshop that a DTP package supports. So you can define the image
>  outline from the paint program with a path, then say "This is the clipping
>  path for this image" and save it as TIFF. This would be neat for sodipodi,
>  sketch and whatnot.. any clue if we could do something similar or does
>  anyone know if something like this exists for other formats too? It would be
>  useful since the path will always be more accurate than some clipping object
>  you define in the vector program..

It shouldn't be hard to stick an SVG path in a PNG extension chunk.
If enough apps use it, it will become a standard.


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