Dear GIMPsters,

Creating digital collage and photo-montage with the GIMP requires good
access to unfettered, raw photographic materials.  Although there are
many online stock-photo companies offering images for a fee, to
promote and accelerate the use of the GIMP, it would be useful to have
a readily available, copyright-free, photo archive.

In a few days, if all goes well, I will publicly announce just such an
archive at  This archive contains about 15,000
copyright-free photos.  However, before the full public unveiling, I'd
like to make a preview of the site available for comment to the
community of developers.  The URL for this is:

Currently, the archive is only about two percent indexed.  However, an
important feature of the site is that it has been constructed to allow
users to interactively participate in indexing the content.  This has
some risks associated with it, but I think it will make for an
interesting experiment, and a worthwhile community-based project.

Although much thought has been given to the usability of the archive,
there may still be many good ideas that would make this resource even
more useful.  Your comments and suggestions are both welcome and

Thanks, and best regards,

Carey Bunks

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