I said:

>The SIGPIPE problem is because on_signal is currently treating it as a
>fatal signal (see the case on_signal in app/main.c).  The on_signal routine
>should probably be modified to not treat SIGPIPE as fatal.  That should fix
>the problem Austin is seeing (that others will no doubt see too).  Someone
>should investigate the handler in 1.1.19 or earlier, and see what was being
>done on SIGPIPE there.

I just looked at 1.1.19, and on_signal there was doing the same thing it
is now: SIGPIPE caused a call to gimp_terminate.  Obviously the current code
is based on the older code.

So why is Austin observing the problem now?  I'm not sure.  It does seem
like it's behaving as expected based on the code.  The thing to try would
be to use a different signal handler for SIGPIPE, that doesn't terminate
the gimp.  Perhaps just ignore the signal and let the plug-in protocol detect
the problem (assuming it can?)?

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