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I was on geek news the other day and came across a new program called
ArtGem.  Nice piece of programming for a Windows program.  It has among
other things, a really cool color selection dialog.  Actually like 4. 
They are remincent of what is in Gimp right now with it's dialog but, I
like these better because you see which color you will get before you move
the slider.  The color is actually on the slider and it updates the colors
of the other sliders as you move one slider.  As you can see, from the
attachments of screen1, screen2, and screen3 the middle slider's colors
don't change.  But, as I move the pointer from one end of the slider to
then next, the colors do change.  I would love this to be implemented as a
color choice plugin.  It shouldn't be any harder than the watercolor
picker.  Easier in fact because as the the three bars seem to be Red,
Green and Blue and the sliders would only have to change only one of the
three values at a time.

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