Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said: 

> Hi,
> > having only used canned tools (like the ones in
> > photoshop and that come with graphics drivers) i made
> > a script to help calibrate monitors. im trying to
> > gather info on color matching to make a free
> > implementation of ICC profiles. i already got the c
> > code for reading/writing profiles from
> I suggest you get in touch with Karl Heinz Kremer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> who seems to have some working code for a color managment 
> plug-in for The GIMP but failed to announce this here so far.

I know ... but the weather here in upstate New York is just too good.
And after the long winter I just have better things to do than to 
polish the code. I wanted to finish the soft proofing first before 
I officially announce it to the Gimp community. So if anybody
is interested in the code that I have so far, it's at

At this time it can use input and output ICC profiles to color correct
a scanned image and to prepare an image for printing. The scanner profiles
can be generated with the SCARSE software at,
for the printer profiles there is no free software availabe (at least
none that I know about, so if somebody knows more than I do, please let
me know). I am using software from to generate my printer

At this time the plugin only works with RGB images. You also need the
LCMS library from to compile the plugin. This current
version of the LCMS library compiles only on Linux/Intel systems, the next
version is however already in the making and it will have autoconf support
for other architectures as well. 

I have also started to work on an ICC profile version of a cdisplay
module. The good weather however stopped any progress there.

I would like to get a group of people together who are interested in
working on these CM issues. 

One think I would like to see in the near future is a GUI version of the
SCARSE software so that it will be easier to profile a scanner, and I'm
pretty sure there is enough brainpower out there to come up with a free
solution of the printer profiler.

Karl Heinz

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