On Wed, 10 May 2000, Anton Enright <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to get Gimp 1.1.21 to work correctly on Solaris 7
> I've compiled the code fine this morning, and apart from the Error below
> it runs fine:
> gimp: shmat failed...disabling shared memory tile transport

This is very common under Solaris and this is not a cause for concern.
The problem is that the default configuration of Solaris (all versions
so far) sets a very low limit on the total amount of shared memory
(shm) that can be allocated by a process.  The Gimp exceeds this limit
while starting, but this is not a problem because it reverts to
another method that is a bit slower but does the same things anyway.

If you want to get rid of these error messages, you can do two things:
- start the Gimp with --disable-shm and --disable-xshm.
- edit /etc/system on your machine and increase the values for shm.
I think that there is some GIMP or GTK+ FAQ that explains this.

> The Problem is that, anytime I click on the text button, then
> type in some text, nothing happens, the image reappears
> without any text whatsoever.

I am running the Gimp on Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 but I did not see
any problems.  The text tools work for me (both the regular one and
the dynamic text tool).  Note that by default, no font is selected so
you have to click on some font name before the text tool can be used
(the dynamic text tool shows the default font name as being
"application", which does not exist so you have to select another

Note that I compiled under Solaris 2.6, so maybe there are some
differences (especially if you use the 64-bits mode).  It would be
interesting if you could provide a bit more infos about this bug:
- what parameters did you give to "configure"
- did you compile with gcc, Sun's cc, or some other compiler?
- in 32-bits or 64-bits mode?
- did you try all of the available fonts, and do they have the
  same problem?
- does this happen with the dynamic text tool?

You can reply to me directly or to the list.  I will try to help if I
can.  But note that I will only read my e-mail every second day during
this week and the next one.


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