In regard to: Re: EPIPE, Michael Natterer said (at 9:05pm on May 11, 2000):

>> Another solution is to save and re-install the old signal handler.  We
>> may even want to support some kind of chain of signal handers: the new
>> signal handlers installed by the Gimp should call the ones that were
>> installed before.  But then we have to support the systems that have
>> SA_SIGINFO and those that do not have it (this is not part of POSIX).
>> The systems that have SA_SIGINFO are using extended prototypes for the
>> signal handlers, so some #ifdef's will be necessary if we want to do
>> that in the right way.  I could contribute some code if you want,
>> because I already did that in some other projects.
>Do you really think this is neccessary? I'd rather like to wait it the
>current code (which is not really different from the old one except
>that it uses sigaction()) works as expected.
>I guess Tim with his hardware zoo will be able to answer the question :)

I'll be checking it this weekend, and I'll definitely report to the "signal
crew" on my findings.  :-)

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