I know that this is really cheezy and it's not for me
but, for many many many photoshop users out there
looking to switch over to Gimp.

The new gimpfreetype dir in CVS is quite interesting. 
The todo mentions wanting to do editable text layers
along the lines of the dynamic text plugin (Which is
the best thing on earth right now except that it
doesn't render the text where I activated the plugin
but, up in the top right corner... But, that's beside
the point).  I was thinking if we are going to the
trouble of making the whole type rendering mechanism
over why not make automatic type effects built into
one layer like photoshop?  The instant dropshadow,
inner bevel, outer bevel, and the rest.  It would also
be really cool if someone could write a an effect and
make it into a script so that it would be available
right there.  It would be great because then the text
could be edited with the effects still on it.

This is probably a bit much to ask but, it would be
nice if this would be incorporated into the layers
dialog somehow.  Like having a little sub-directory
style +/- sign infront of the layer with the effects
like files.  Thus, then someone could make a type
layer with mulitple effects, say a drop shadow and
inner-bevel.  In the layers dialog:
-Type Layer {Text of Layer}

Nice and compact

+Type Layer {Text of Layer}
 #Inner Bevel
 %Drop Shadow

Expanded.  # is an icon to signify that inner bevel is
a property of Type Layer.  % is an icon to signify
that Drop Shadow is an actual sublayer that you can do
layer effects on.  Right clicking on either of these
should give the option of changing their settings,
*Sublayers should be able to be freed from their
parent layers and be their own layers.
   -This brings the subject of whether on should be
able make a sub layer have a sub layer.  I can already
think of one thing that would be useful with this but,
that can be achived by just doing mulitple layer
effect on the same layer.
   -There needs to be the ability to do multiple
effect on a single layer.  Mulitple dropshadows just
pop into mind...  We need that.
   -We also need a pretty big dailog box to configure
all of these layer effects.

   Even though this is a bit much, I think this is an
important feature to have.  I could go in depth with
this.  I have ideas just bouncing around in my head. 
I use gimp at work and I actually have a txt file at
work where I just jot down ideas I have about the
gimp.  It's getting big.  There are also the things
that I want to do on my own.  Private Label scripts
and what not.  If anyone is interested in knowing
more, just e-mail me back at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

        gimptek.homepage.com (Major Revamping Soon)

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