On Friday, 12 May 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> [1: plugins should have the system default signal handers, not gimp ones]
> [2: main gimp app should have system default SIGPIPE handler]

Point 1: I mainly agree with this.  I can't think of a need to hook
  any signals.  Did plugins used to give backtraces when they crashed?
  I think they did: if so, and people want to keep this functionality,
  then unfortunately plugins need to hook signals in a similar manner
  to the main gimp app.  However, plugins definitely won't benefit
  from SIGCHLD handers or ignoring SIGPIPE.  If a plugin tried to
  write to the gimp pipe and gets a SIGPIPE, it's because the main
  gimp app has died.  The plugin should die as swiftly as possible, in
  this case.

Point 2: The main gimp app should ignore SIGPIPE, so that an EPIPE can
  be generated in a controlled manner to be collected and acted upon
  by the plugin management routines in plug_in.c

With all this vigorous discussion going on, I seem to be a little
confused.  Can someone (Mitch, Garry?) summarise what the current CVS
signal handling situation is, and what changes (if any) are planned?


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