Antti Lukats writes:
 > I get missing export gtk_paned_set_gutter_size from  GTK-1.3.DLL
 > where can I get GTK dll that works or is there something else wrong?

 > I am trying to use GTK with freepascal/lazarus on win32

That's the price one has to pay when using in-development libraries
(i.e., GTk+ 1.3). There is no such function any longer in GTk+. You
have to recompile the freepascal/lazarus (whatever they are) libraries
with the same version GTk+ headers as your DLL and import library
is. I.e., the headers I distribute either in the gtk+-src or gtk+-dev

(This is quite off-topic for gimp-developer, btw, so please don't send
follow-ups there.)


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