> if I'm informed correctly, there is some work underway for a new gimp 
> website.

Who _is_ working on the new gimp.org site? I think it would be a good idea to
have several people working on seperate bits of the site (i.e. someone sorts
out the downloads, someones else the documentation, etc.) so that each person
only has a small amount of work to do, this way it is more likely to stay

> We have all the possibilities on gimp.org and
> we should use them. IMHO the whole plugin project should move back to 
> gimp.org too. If that means that we need to overwork the 
> infrastructure of www.gimp.org, why don't we just for it?? 

I absolutely agree with you -- gimp.org is the obvious base for The GIMP and
where users will go first GIMP stuff. I think that gimp.org has been neglected
for too long, but this can change:)

I also think that binary packages of stable gimp (and dev-gimp maybe) should
be available from gimp.org, because that's what non-developers want. Also,
gimp-win32 should be better integrated with gimp.org because no seems to know
where it is!!

Just IMHO,

- Piers

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