On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 09:54:34AM -0500, Jon Winters wrote:
> I'm taking a Macromedia Flash class this week and one of the things I'll
> want to do afterward is find a way to make flash stuff on Linux.  So far I
> have not been able to find any tools.

I'm not sure there are any content creation tools for SWF on Linux. Six
months ago I was a bit worried about that...

> and some other stuff here:
> http://www.ep.cs.nott.ac.uk/projects/SVG/flash2svg/swfformat.html

Having just come back from WWW9 I'm pretty enthusiastic about SVG
right now. I can't see the point in continuing to use Flash once there
are vendors clambering over each other to produce the best SVG plug-in
and (since it's free) it will be built-in on Mozilla eventually.

If there's no Flash creation tools at all for Linux, and there are
already some steps towards SVG (though not AFAIK animation) it seems
like it would be better to just create SVG from go -- but that's maybe
not what you want to hear when you're about to do a Flash course.


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