I'm having a couple problems w/ gimp-1.1.x that I've been trying to
figure out.  The Gimp toolbox doesn't come up correctly (there is "blank"
column on the right hand side), and each successive time I run the Gimp,
the toolbox gets smaller and smaller.

  In interface.c, create_toolbox, if I change the following line containing
"geometry.width_inc", it fixes the first problem (well, the gap goes down
to about 2 pixels instead of 25):

  geometry.min_width  =   2 + 24 + 2 * xthickness;
  geometry.min_height = 100 + 24 + 2 * ythickness;
  geometry.width_inc  =       (24 + 2 * xthickness)+1;
  geometry.height_inc =       24 + 2 * ythickness;

  I'm guessing this has something to do with me running CDE as a window
manager (reporting odd geometry?), but I'm pretty much just pulling that
out of my butt.  When I resize the window, the geometry (like 4x13) comes
up just fine.

  I don't know about the second problem - I'm guessing there's nothing
wrong in session.c, but rather the window geometry is reported incorrectly
to session calls.  I don't have any other geometry problems with any of the
other windows (I usually have layers, brushes, patterns, palettes, and
gradient dialogs open).

  I'm running Solaris 8 x86, gcc 2.95.2.  I've had tried both glib/gtk
1.2.7 and 1.2.8, with gimp 1.1.x (started around 17 or 18, if I remember
correctly).  I've been looking into it more w/ 1.1.21 & 1.1.23.

P.S. Anybody having any problems opening up "gz" files?  The gz.c code
hasn't changed, but gziped files stopped working for me starting with
1.1.22.  It worked fine in 1.1.21.

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