This is a development release.  Usual caveat about aerodynamic print
heads and fine Oriental rugs apply.

This is a fairly substantial release.  The .tgz file is much bigger
than before because of new dithering matrices.  Print quality should
be greatly improved.

1) Greatly improved print quality.  In particular, ordered dithering
   and adaptive dithering methods are now much better than ever
   before.  We recommend ordered dithering for four-color printers and
   either adaptive hybrid or adaptive random dithering for six-color

2) If a print job is canceled from within the Gimp, the partial file
   will not be sent to the printer.

3) Support for additional Canon and Hewlett-Packard printers.

4) Epson Stylus printers can now print much closer to the edge of the
   page.  They can print to the extreme top edge and much closer to
   the bottom than before, although there is some loss in quality
   close to the edge.

5) Greatly improved black quality.

6) The preview window now shows the borders of the printable area in
   addition to the borders of the page.  In addition, the offsets are
   now from the true edge of the page rather than from the edge of the
   printable area.

7) 720 dpi highest quality and 1440x720 dpi highest quality are now
   supported on the new generation Epson printers.

8) Epson printers will now print faster on sparse pages and in pure
   black and white.  This is of particular interest for the
   Ghostscript driver.

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