On  7 Jun, Nick Matsakis wrote:

> I'm working on a research project involving real time image processing
> on video streams. I need an image processing library, and so wondered 
> whether the gimp might fit my needs.  I have two questions which will
> help me determine if this is indeed the case.

 Forget about GIMP. Currently the image processing is contained in
 something we call the core which isn't a library and can hardly be
 used without user interface. The only possibility you'd have to use 
 it for your needs is to write some script which utilizes GIMP core.

> 1) Is there any documentation on the gimp source above and beyond the
> source itself?

 libgimp is documented in the source tree in the directory devel-docs 
 and there's some misc documentation in docs but since libgimp can't
 be used for imageprocessing it possible isn't of much interest to you.

> 2) Is there any reason to think this should be impossible? I'd like to
> do some pixel-level conversions and perhaps some more complicated
> stuff at 320x240 and 20-30fps. I'm using a PIII 700.

 The pixelconversions you mentioned would have to be VERY simple to
 achieve that speed. Maybe you should try some library like imlib
 gdk-pixbuf or imlib2 which are able to do simple transformations too
 and are a lot easier to utilize and faster for such a purpose.


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