Jon Winters wrote:

> Basicly you have two layers and you can tell gimp to morph from one to
> the next in the animation over N amount of frames.  Might also be cool
> if we had a menu of transition effects for use in animations.  Fades,
> Wipes, etc...

In response to this, anyone know what is happening to the gimp16
project, ?  I see that there's been some updates,
but not really a whole lot of end-user information.  Is this still
developing in co-operation with MAIN (HOLLYWOOD)?  I see that Gimp16
seems now to be Gegl based, with support for such things as CMYK
colorspaces, but the last archive (0.0.10) is dated Mar 6, 1999.  There
is a notice about SIGGRAPH 2000 July 26th, but anyone have any early
info for those of us not going?


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