> Does anyone recognise this? I'm fairly sure it's a brand new "feature"
> perhaps from recent patches to app/ ? If no-one recognises this I will
> file it through the normal channels, but since it looks like a fresh
> regression it seemed easiest to ask first.
> 1. Create new _greyscale_ image
> 2. Use a nice colorful pepper brush (you know, the demo color brush)
> 3. Scribble all over the image, off the edges...
>    [This being a memory scribble bug it might not work first time]
> 4. Bang.

I can reproduce this. Multiple stacktraces show that the error
does not always occur at the same place but is always related to
tile memory. I have carefully checked the latest changes to app
that might cause the problem:

app/pixel_region.c 1.20
app/paint_core.c 1.90  app/paint_core.h 1.30
app/undo.c 1.60

and couldn't see any problems. I could reproduce the crash after 
reverting all those changes, so it seems the problem is elsewhere.

Salut, Sven

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