On 14 Jun, Sven Neumann wrote:

> app/pixel_region.c 1.20
> app/paint_core.c 1.90  app/paint_core.h 1.30
> app/undo.c 1.60
> and couldn't see any problems. I could reproduce the crash after 
> reverting all those changes, so it seems the problem is elsewhere.

 Okay, traced this problem further. The debugger says GIMP is dying
 while trying to g_realloc some mem for a brush in temp_buf_resize 
 but I can't see anything strange going on there i.e. the addresses 
 have been valid before and size is != 0.
 Could it be that someone freed that memory just before we're trying to
 use it while painting? 
 Why does this problem only occur while we're using color brushes on grayscale
 images and painting on the edge of the image (i.e. the brush gets clipped)?
 And why the hell do we realloc the memory even if NOTHING has changed?



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