Sven Neumann wrote:

> Simply using the code, removing the copyright notices
> and putting it under a non-compatible license is however
> too much if you ask me and we shouldn't let Carsten get
> away with this.

The course of action that suggests itself to me is to enlist the
aid of the Free Software Foundation at a fairly early stage,
since Mr. Carsten's effort dilutes the force of an FSF license.

(1) Enlist FSF  counsel. (2) The legion authors and contributors
to the xcf code base collectively write to Mr. Carsten, and first
observe that with a correlation of somewhere in the neighborhood
of 80%, it appears that Mr. Carsten is distributing a work derived
from that released under a FSF  General Public License, and while
that license does not preclude his redistribution, it does require that
the GPL be attached to the redistributed code, and that the GPL does
not permit relicensing. The FSF counsel is CC'ed on this, and one
hopes that - under the gaze of many original authors - Mr. Carsten
folds his hand.

He may not, of course, but that will be the juncture where FSF
counsel is already familiar with the issue and can decide what FSF
resources can be allocated in defence of its license.

Garry Osgood

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