Piers Cornwell wrote:
> > Why is there *yet another* incomplete list of all Gimp contributors in
> > the AUTHORS file? Hint: We already had enough such lists, and none of
> > those are properly maintained either.

I'm curious as to what is the criteria that determines whether someones
name will appear in the authors list and/or in the About GIMP scrolling
window. Is it only core developers, people who have made a certain level of
contribution, or is it meant to encompass everyone who has made provided a
patch (or patches) for the project?

My name isn't on the list but I've only supplied a number of minor patches.
I am in the ChangeLog for most of them once I remembered to include updates
for the ChangeLog with the patch. As a result, I'm not too worried if I
appear in a more visible list or not.

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