> I talked to Raster right after the first email arrived and he said he
> would take care of it. I was hoping to give him a running start before
> the ugly free software posse jumped him. I must say that this mailing list
> has degenerated into something akin to a Microsoft legal newsgroup. Shoot
> first, let god sort'em out.

hmm, did it really felt that way?? I must admit that a few people 
probably overestimated the problem and asked for immidiate actions 
when it was not yet time for it, but I believe that most of us stayed 
as calm as possible. I could have handled this differently in the first 
place by sending a private email to Raster, but since I haven't really 
contributed that much to this special piece of code, I thought it would 
be fair to announce the situation on gimp-devel and ask for advice.  

What exactly annoyed you that much about our response? As I've stated
in my first mail, it's not our intention to prevent anyone from doing 
an XCF loader. We have even aggreed to change the license of the 
relevant code when the gdk-pixbuf people asked us. But asking us before
you take the code and use it under another license is the absolute 
minimum. You shouldn't wonder that people get a little bit upset if
you don't follow those simple rules.

Salut, Sven

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