>I'm curious as to what is the criteria that determines whether someones
>name will appear in the authors list and/or in the About GIMP scrolling
>window. Is it only core developers, people who have made a certain level >of
contribution, or is it meant to encompass everyone who has made >provided a
patch (or patches) for the project?

As far as i see it, *anyone* who has made *any* tangible contribution to the
GIMP can have their name in the AUTHORS file. Since the "About GIMP" scrolling
list is just a mirror of AUTHORS (as is the authors section in gimp.1),
everyone should also appear here.

Since we're trying to get these lists as up to date as possible, can anyone
who has contributed and has been missed out add themselves to these lists (if
they want to appear in them!).


- Piers

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