At 01:36 PM 07/01/2000 +0100, Piers Cornwell wrote:
>As far as i see it, *anyone* who has made *any* tangible contribution to the
>GIMP can have their name in the AUTHORS file. Since the "About GIMP" scrolling
>list is just a mirror of AUTHORS (as is the authors section in gimp.1),
>everyone should also appear here.
>Since we're trying to get these lists as up to date as possible, can anyone
>who has contributed and has been missed out add themselves to these lists (if
>they want to appear in them!).

Thanks for the reply. Unless anyone has already done so, I can go through 
the ChangeLog files and check for names of people who have provided patches 
but are not yet in the AUTHORS file and provide a patch to update AUTHORS 
and the list used in the "About GIMP" source file.


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