Thus spoke furnace
> i think corel uses wine lib and other such things so they are emulating
> parts of the win32 api to make it work. all of that is probably included
> in the distribution, maybe even staticly linked in.

Hopefully this isn't taking an off topic issue too far.  If so, please
forgive me.

I have a beta copy of CorelDraw9 on CD for review purposes which includes
Corel PhotoPaint.  For whatever it's worth, here is what the distribution 
looks like in disk usage terms:

mjhammel(tty0)$ du -sk *
155316  Graphics9
48788   Shared
4916    wine-graphics9

This all gets installed under /usr/lib/corel (ick - not selectable in the beta).

The wine-graphics9 directory appears to contain the wine libs stuff.  The
Shared stuff is Corel specific as far as I can tell.  Under Graphics9 you

mjhammel(tty0)$ du -sk *
4464    Color
260     Config
18432   Custom
10472   Draw
31268   Filters
4       Papertypes
7984    Photopnt
4       Plugins
50524   Programs
16      Scripts
8       Shared
23348   Tutors
1672    Workspace
4356    bin
104     etc
4       newdaisy.gif
2368    other
24      readme.htm

The executables are actually under Programs:
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root     13352960 May 11 12:06 coreldrw.exe
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root      9859072 May 11 11:42 photopnt.exe

Keep in mind - these are DOS executables.  I doubt they're stripped in the 
Beta release.  These don't include the numerous DLL's scattered throughout the
distribution. Filters are in a .flt format which "file" reports as a DOS

Also for what its worth, I can't get these to run using standard colors for
widgets.  The backgrounds are a puke olive green and the lettering is blue
(the drawing areas are fine, though).  Apparently I'm the only one who has
this problem so far - no one else I know who's tried either PhotoPaint or
Draw has seen this.  I'm wondering if they have some kind of color
dependency on KDE or GNOME, since I don't run either (FVWM or Enlightenment

Draw works pretty nice and the tutorial is pretty good.  Seems reasonably
fast in comparison to what I expect from the Gimp (yeah, I know - different
types of tools).  Unfortunately, it crashes when I attempt the section on 
text along a curve.

Just FYI.
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