Fethi BELGHAOUTI wrote:

> Hi Garry,
> > Gimp keeps intermediary image data that does not
> > appear to be immediately needed in the swap file.
> >(otherwise it lives in the cache), Examples of
> >intermediary data are undo image tiles.
> >
> > When it needs to employ swap, Gimp tries to open a
> > file in the place specified by
> > Preferences: see
> > Preferences->Categories->Directories->Swap Dir. For
> > reasons best known to your computer, Gimp was unable
> > to open a file at that
> > location. The open(2) call returns -1 instead of a
> > file discriptor (See tile_swap.c line 388).
> >
> > Your disk may be full, defective, you do not have
> > write permission at the place specified
> > by preferences...  Take your pick.
> I use Gimp throug a server, without X-mode, in
> network, and in no-interface mode => no menu !!!

Alternatively, you can set the location of the swap file
by editing your own personal gimp resource file - usually
in a .gimp-1.1 subdirectory of your home directory and usually called "gimprc"
(example: ~/.gimp-1.1/gimprc)

With your favorite editor, add a line that looks like this(Comment lines
beginning with # are optional)
# Set the swap file location. The gimp uses a tile based memory
#  allocation scheme. The swap file is used to quickly and easily
#  swap files out to disk and back in. Be aware that the swap file
#  can easily get very large if the gimp is used with large images.
#  Also, things can get horribly slow if the swap file is created on
#  a directory that is mounted over NFS.  For these reasons, it may
#  be desirable to put your swap file in "/tmp".

(swap-path "path to a directory that you can write to goes here")

It must be in parentheses (), the key word "swap-path" is written
exactly as it is here and the path is in double quotes.

> in Gimp of my PC, the
> Preferences->Categories->Directories->Swap Dir is
> /root/.gimp but this directory dosen't exist in the
> server, why ?

Who cares? The person setting up the server had no reason to
create such a directory, and since Gimp can't find what doesn't
exist, it is returning an error at the aforementioned line, the reason
for your error message. But, as noted above, you should set the
location of the swap file to someplace that exists and that you
have permission to write to. I would avoid writing to a directory
that is provided through Sun's Network File System (NFS) protocol
Ideally, the swap file should be on a disk installed on the same machine
where Gimp is running.

Hope this helps

Garry Osgood

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