Fethi BELGHAOUTI wrote:

> hi to all,
> how can i save a GIF animation ?
> the file_gif_save(...) don't generat an animate photo,
> but just one fixe phto like JPG.
> thak you!
> Fethi, symply.
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The GIF has to be prepared as an animation. In GIMP, each frame is represented
by a layer, converted to index, and then saved as a GIF; the GIF file plug-in, on 
a lot of indexed layers, will automatically ask if you want to save the whole assembly
as an animation.

Jimmac (aka Jakub Steiner) has put together a very nice animation tutorial.
See http://jimmac.musichall.cz/tutor.php3

I think, in particular, you would find all you need in his simple animation tutorial,
but using the GAP plugin is an interesting next step.

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