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>We are trying to port GIMP 1.2.4 to AIX 4.3.3 We have been able to compile
>without any problems but when we try to execute, we get a core dump.
>The dump shows the problem to be encountered when invoking the function-
>gtk_set_locale in the file gtkmain.c.
>Any pointers to get around this problem will be greatly appreciated.

I've seen the same behavior, but haven't had a copy of gdb that works under
AIX 4.3.x so I haven't been interested in investigating very deeply.  I
think gdb 5.x might work, but can't remember for sure.

In any case, there's definitely a problem there, but it may be in gtk+ and
not in gimp itself.  Or it could be in AIX 4.3.x...

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