This is a development release of Gimp-Print.  This will probably be
the last release until after the Printing Summit in two weeks.

Print 3.1.8 contains the following improvements over 3.1.7:

1) The entries for printer model and paper size have been greatly
   improved.  There are many additional paper sizes offered.

2) Print quality using adaptive, hybrid, and ordered modes is improved
   at 1440x720 DPI.

3) The UI now offers a choice of metric or English units for

4) The print preview is much larger, affording easier viewing of the
   placement of the image.  An arrow is used to indicate the top of
   the paper, and the size of the arrow gives an indication of the
   actual paper size.

5) It is now possible to specify the output width or height directly.

6) Dragging the preview image with a button other than the left moves
   the image in units of points rather than screen pixels, affording
   finer placement control.

7) A new emulated 1440x2880 mode has been added for highest quality
   printing on Epson Stylus printers.  It is of most use on the Stylus
   Photo 750, 1200, 870, and 1270.

8) Experimental improvements for the Canon BJC-8200.

9) The plug-in should operate correctly with the plp spooling system.

10) Support for the Epson Stylus Photo 720 and Stylus Color 480.  Also
   correct the Stylus Color 860 and 1160 entries.

11) Support for the HP 540C printer.

12) Correct treatment of saturation adjustment, and allow saturation
   of 0.  This allows printing a color image in black and white using
   color inks for maximum smoothness.

13) Allow choice of four and six color printing on six color
   printers.  This is useful for economy (normal printing uses much
   more light cyan and magenta than dark), and may improve saturation
   for graphics.

14) Bug fixes for Ghostscript driver.  Also, Ghostscript driver now
    offers choice of ink type.

15) Some improvement in Epson Stylus Photo, Photo 700, and Photo EX
    output quality.

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