On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 02:30:32PM +0800, znm wrote:
> How  could I trace into the functions in /gimp-1.0.4/plug-in/
> and/gimp-1.0.4/libgimp?

Once the plug-in is started, you can attach gdb to the running process
with gdb's "attach" command.

One common trick is to put a line like this in the plug-in you're

g_message ("plug-in PID: %d\n", getpid ());
kill (getpid (), 19);

with signal 19 being SIGSTOP.  Then in gdb you do:

(gdb) attach 1234
(gdb) continue

where 1234 is the plug-in's PID.  You may have to "continue" more than

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