When run interactively, the plasma plugin allows you to either provide
a random seed value or use the current time. When run from a script
(non-interactive), it always ignores the seed value passed in because
it forgets to clear a flag. This patch (against 1.1.23) fixes that:

--- plasma.c.orig       Sat Jul 15 13:12:13 2000
+++ plasma.c            Sat Jul 15 13:15:51 2000
@@ -240,6 +240,8 @@
          pvals.seed = (gint) param[3].data.d_int32;
          pvals.turbulence = (gdouble) param[4].data.d_float;
+         /* script users can make their own time() call, always use the seed
+         pvals.timeseed = FALSE;
          if (pvals.turbulence <= 0)
            status = STATUS_CALLING_ERROR;

(Or you could just type it in ...)

By the way, is anybody working on the non-interactive plugin calls?
There's a few plugins - especially the more complex ones - that only
work when run interactively. I might look at fixing some before 1.2.

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