All users of the GhostScript stp driver should upgrade, due to a
critical bug that causes an infinite loop to occur with some
combinations of printer choice, compiler used, and possibly other
factors.  Other users may want to upgrade due to the print quality

One user has reported an apparent crash or corrupt output from the
plugin.  We have not been able to reproduce this.  I am working with
that user to try to understand what's happening.  If that turns out to
be real, 3.1.10 will be released when a fix is available.

Print 3.1.9 contains the following improvements over Print 3.1.8:

1) A bug in the GhostScript driver would cause the driver to go into
   an infinite loop on some systems with some printers, depending upon
   details of the compiler and so forth.  All users of the GhostScript
   driver should immediately update.

2) Substantial quality improvements across many printers:

   * Output across printers and resolution modes is much more closely
     matched (except probably 360 DPI).  The saturation may be
     somewhat less than before, however.

   * 720 DPI is greatly improved on Epson Stylus Color 860/1160 and
     Stylus Photo 870/1270.  The 750/1200 may not show this

   * Artifacts in the adaptive hybrid and adaptive random dithering
     modes have been eliminated.

Please see the README for more information.

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