Daniel writes:
 > Will Gimp 1.1.24 work with gtk+ 1.3.0?  I am working on Gimp for BeOS 
 > and the port of gtk+ that I have is roughly 1.3.0 and there is no 
 > port of the 1.2.x branch.

I would say so, yes, if you by 1.3.0 mean GTK+ as it was some months
ago. The Win32 port has been using the gtk+ 1.3.0 version all the
time. Currently it uses something that corresponds to a snapshot of
GTK+ from late March-ish. I can't say how much actual difference there
is between gtk at that point, and gtk from GTK+ 1.2.[678]. Maybe not a
lot, as it was only after that point in time that the really heavy
changes (no-flicker, Pango, gdk-pixbuf, GLib objects, new text widget,
and whatnot) were merged in.


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