On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Jason T. Slack wrote:

> I have checked out the current projects and they seem dead. I e-mailed the
> project admins and it seems that we would be going in totally different
> directions with our development.
> What would everybody think about an OS-X native version of gimp?


I think this is actually a *very* good idea. However, as I said before,
there will be almost nothing to "port" because porting it will mostly
mean porting Gtk+. GIMP itself should compile out of the box on OS-X's
BSD interface.

BTW, it sould be much easier to port Gtk 1.3 to OS-X because it
already provides a Gdk frontend-backend separation for different
windowing systems. Once this is done it shouldn't be too hard to
port Gimp 1.2 to Gtk+ 2.0 (which should be done anyway after Gtk 2.0
is out or usable because Gimp 2.0 is still pure science fiction).


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